Ensuring your residential landscape thrives year-round requires a dependable irrigation system. Whether your current system is insufficient or you’re tired of manual watering, trust our skilled team at Jergens Lawn Sprinkling Specialists. We offer comprehensive services, from design and installation to regular maintenance and repairs, ensuring your landscaping stays healthy and vibrant.


When it comes to enhancing residential landscape irrigation, we’ve got you covered. Jergens Lawn Sprinkling Specialists provide services for new installations in landscapes and gardens. Count on our experienced team to optimize water distribution and nurture thriving, healthy plants, transforming your outdoor spaces.

New Installation

  • Landscape
    • Spray
    • Drip
  • Garden
    • Spray
    • Drip

Zone Additions

  • System Additions
  • System Modification

Repair and Maintenance

In residential landscape irrigation, system repairs are often needed due to damage, construction changes, or aging components. To improve efficiency and extend the system’s life, consider controller upgrades. These upgrades enhance system capabilities and reduce maintenance, ensuring reliable and efficient residential irrigation.

Services Offered include:

  • System repair due to damage, construction, age, etc.
  • Controller Upgrades

Spring Startup and Winterization

Our comprehensive maintenance services cover the entire year. From spring startups to summer inspections and adjustments, we ensure your system’s peak performance. As winter approaches, our winterization and system shutdown services safeguard your equipment. Ongoing evaluations keep your residential landscape irrigation system in top shape year-round.

  • Spring Startups
  • Summer Inspections
  • Water coverage analysis and adjustments
  • Winterization / System Shutdown
  • System Evaluation
  • Sprinkler head replacement / upgrade

Seasonal Adjustments

Seasonal adjustments are essential in the world of residential landscape irrigation. As the seasons change, our dedicated team at Jergens Lawn Sprinkling Specialists ensure that your irrigation system seamlessly adapts to your evolving landscape’s needs. Whether it’s fine-tuning watering schedules during scorching summers, optimizing sprinkler heads for precise coverage, or preparing for winter with thorough winterization, we customize our services for every season. These proactive measures conserve water and contribute to the health and beauty of your residential landscape, ensuring it thrives year-round. Count on us for the expertise needed to keep your residential landscape irrigation system performing at its best through each season.

System Design and Layout

Other Services

We specialize in enhancing residential sprinkler systems with services like design and layout, controller upgrades, programming assistance, sprinkler head improvements, rain sensor installation, and water coverage assessment. Our expertise ensures your home’s irrigation system operates efficiently, keeping your landscape lush while conserving water.

  • System design and layout
  • Controller upgrades
  • Programming assistance
  • Rain sensor addition
  • Lake / Pond / River
    pump and intake installation

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