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What is a Backflow Preventer (PVB)?

Backflow refers to the unwanted reversal of water flow. It can carry non-potable and potentially harmful substances, posing serious health and safety hazards when introduced into public or individual water systems. Preventing backflow is crucial to maintaining the integrity and safety of water supplies.

Why Do I Have to Test My Backflow Prevention Device?

The Michigan Safe Drinking Water Act requires water suppliers to have a comprehensive cross connection control program. This program is for the elimination and prevention of all cross connections. Routine inspections of existing commercial, industrial and multi-family residential properties are conducted to locate cross connections. One and two family residential homes are required to be inspected for cross connections at the time of construction or renovation when changes to the plumbing system are made.

Customers must maintain their potable water systems free of cross connections as required by The Michigan Plumbing Code, Part 14 Administrative Rules promulgated under The Michigan Safe Drinking Water Act and Local Cross Connection Rules. If contamination was to happen in your potable water system as a result of a cross connection, the property owner could be held liable for damages.

Several types of cross connections are required to be protected against backflow by testable backflow prevention devices. The Michigan Plumbing Code requires non-residential devices to be tested annually and residential devices tested every two years by an ASSE certified tester.

Most counties, cities, and townships have specific requirements on how often backflow preventers need to be tested. In most situations, it is required annually. Please check with your local municipality to make sure you are following the law and doing your part to protect your neighborhood and your loved ones.

Why Does My Device Need to be Tested Every Year?

Devices with Backflow Prevention Assemblies (PVB) incorporate rubber components that may undergo damage or deterioration over time. Typically, valves tend to fail approximately once every five years. This is why PVB manufacturers, along with the majority of cities, counties, and states, mandate annual testing of these devices. The objective is to verify proper functionality and compliance with regulations, ensuring the ongoing effectiveness of the backflow prevention system.

Who Can Test My Backflow Prevention Device?

Per the Michigan Department of Environment, Great Lakes, and Energy (EGLE), effective January 1, 2018, backflow assembly testing results on public water systems will only be valid if performed by a tester certified in accordance to ASSE Standard 5110 and listed as such at Additionally, repairs of any backflow preventers must be completed by a licensed plumber. A nationwide list of certified testers is available at or at HydroCorp.

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